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Re: What major open source releases/updates are you most anticipating in 2009?

2009/1/2 Esther Schindler <esther@bitranch.com>:
> So in short: tell me about the open source releases you're really looking
> forward to in 2009.

Can boys play too? :-)

Compiz development will probably get restructured (yet again). I
really like Compiz. I think it's the way window management should
always have been, and they keep talking of doing things like moving
from C to C++ (yes, there is a big difference) and making the
compiz-fusion and freedesktop.org communities more united. I am hoping
to see these things happen in 2009, with proper leadership.

GNU Octave has recently lost funding for its lead developer, so we're
trying to see how to fix this. I am hoping to see a maturation of the
Octave community comparable to what we see with R (conferences,
corporate support, visibility within the numerical community). Octave
is a big priority for me, but I think it should be a priority for
everyone in general. It's a real shame that Matlab is the de-facto
proprietary standard within the numeric community; as a scientific
community, we need a free replacement. Octave has come a long way
technically, but it needs to mature socially.

Mathematical software is for me the highest priority for free
software. The argument that the source should be available is
especially relevant here, because that's how mathematics has always
progressed (with a few temporary historical exceptions like Fermat, as
well as the Italians when solving polynomial equations). I also care
about SAGE, but I haven't been following their development too

2009/1/2 Helen Faulkner <helen@debian.org>:
> Well, I can't possibly be the only one here who is really looking forward to the
> Lenny release!  :)

Yes, lenny release is also something I'm really looking forward to. In
the meantime, I'm giving my brother etch on his laptop, because I want
to make sure he'll get the absolute best quality software on it.

- Jordi G. H.

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