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What major open source releases/updates are you most anticipating in 2009?

Perhaps it's only because I'm tired of reading about sexist posts and I want to change the subject... but I have a different issue to raise. <smile> I'm planning to work on writing an article next week for CIO.com (likely a slide show in fact), and I'd like some Real World Input to inspire me.

The question is not wholly specific to Debian, which in a way is the reason I'm asking -- I want a cross section of Linux (and open source) users. However, I definitely want to include women's voices, because I firmly believe that women are attracted to communities in which women are active and welcome.

And besides, I think this is fun. It could help other list members discover cool new stuff.

So in short: tell me about the open source releases you're really looking forward to in 2009. They don't have to be BIG projects that might change the face of computing (for example, several people have already suggested Google Chrome; you gotta pick something else <grin>). They can simply be meaningful to you, or useful, or quietly significant to the way the web works, or just "Darnit, it'll be so neat when that project reaches 1.0 (or 2.5 or whatever)."

I'm hoping to turn this into a piece that will make members of the open source community both nod along ("Oh yeah, I'm definitely anticipating that") and also say, "Oh cool -- I haven't looked at that before. I want to learn more."

So: what are you looking forward to? And more importantly -- why do you think it's so nifty?

Esther Schindler
cleverly disguised as senior online editor, CIO.com

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