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Re: Duo Core processor 4Gb Ram laptop

2008/12/29 Llanos <llanosnunez@gmail.com>:
> Laptops for home use are getting higher and higher hardware specs as people
> think that they need it. Also the fact that Vista needs minimum 1 ram of
> memory to run fine has made the computer´s companies go higher and higher.


I bought a lappy with four gigs on it, and 2 GHz dual core, my
reasoning being that I would be able to use it for number-crunching.
And I do. It's great fun to be able to manipulate several gargantuan
matrices in memory and not have to swap.

But other than that, I haven't gotten even close (say, 50%) of ever
using all of my lappy's memory. Not even when I open a ton of apps.
Not even when I'm transcoding video.

If the price difference is significant, I say you go for the laptop
with the smaller RAM size.

Oh, and since you're shopping, you're also in a good position to
choose the hardware that has free drivers. I personally love intel
graphics chipsets, for example. Keep this in mind. I've had a really
good experience with a Dellbuntu laptop, which only needs a firmware
blob for the wireless, but everything else works wonderfully.

- Jordi G. H.

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