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Re: /tmp accidentally filled

Quoting Lisi Reisz (lisi.reisz@gmail.com):
> Here's another simpleton question. :-(
> I managed to backup onto my / partition.  I have rm-ed most of the resulting 
> garbage.  But I am left with a 100% full /tmp and df tells me that this is 

Most comments in that thread lead you to the correct conclusions that:

- filling up /tmp is not good
- blindly destroying files in /tmp is not good (desktop envs keep data
and sockets there)

As additional input, I would add that many apps are often configured
to use /tmp as "scratch space" and you'd better go with a *big enough*
partition for it than keeping it small inside a small root partition.

For instance, most CD/DVD burning apps, when they have to build
temporary images, do it by default in /tmp, on the safe assumption
that it is  cleaned out at boot and therefore no cruft is likely to be
left in case something bad happens.

As a consequence, I personnally generally use it quite extensively for
anything that needs scratch files on my system (for instance mutt
composing emails, etc).

Debian Installer's "multi" partitioning scheme does indeed propos ea
separate /tmp....and, when D-I proposes something as a possible
option, that's often well thought..:-)

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