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Re: /tmp accidentally filled

On Wed, Dec 03, 2008 at 08:46:32AM +0000, Lisi Reisz wrote:
> Here's another simpleton question. :-(
> I managed to backup onto my / partition.  I have rm-ed most of the resulting 
> garbage.  But I am left with a 100% full /tmp and df tells me that this is 
> overflow.  I therefore need to do some more deleting.  But I am ashamed to 
> say that I have not explored /tmp as much as I ought to have, so my knowledge 
> about what is usually/meant to be there is scant. :-(
> Which, if any, of the following files ought I to keep and which can I safely 
> delete?
> <quote>
> gconfd-lisi  kde-lisi  keyring-iiiSCk  ksocket-lisi  orbit-lisi  
> ssh-PwasxA2979
> </quote>
> Thanks.
> Lisi
TMP is not usually a place I need to clean. It is used for 'scratch
space' when programs need to work on something temporarily. /tmp is
usually only a few MB in size. On reboot, most Gnu system clean out tmp.
I'd look for some other place to either: remove unneeded files or move a
big file to another partition or medium(SD disk, backup HDD,..)

I use:
cd ~
du -s -m .* *|sort -n

to show me what is taking up space in a certain location like
/home/$user or /var/cache/ then I can see where the big folders/files
are.  This will produce a 2 column output where column one shows the
size in MB of the directory or file and column two show the name of the
file or directory.  so if you need say 100 MB more, you'd use the above
script and find the appropriate file/directory and do something to
alleviate the situation.  I had a full partition situation and my
fetchmail would not work correctly, so I got rid of some MB of junk and
that fixed it.

hope that helps,
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