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Re: Problem with sound in Lenny installation

On Friday 28 November 2008 09:27:03 Christian Perrier wrote:
> Quoting Helen Faulkner (helen@debian.org):
> > I'm afraid that I can't help your sound problems though.  My sound is
> > also broken, and I have no idea why, and I've tried but not managed to
> > fix it (sound in linux is honestly a big mysterious black box to me).
> >
> > Maybe we should both post to debian-user :)
> My sound is broken too (with 2.6.26 kernels, not 2.6.25). We really
> should post to -user.....

This just appeared on the Debian User list, in case you missed it:

Re: ALSA sound recording frustration
"Thomas H. George" <lists@tomgeorge.info> (resent from 
Today 14:03:51
I just had a long struggle with Alsa and Lenny as I had sound from
playing a cd but nothing from input to the mobo sound card.  I finally
learned to switch the alsamixer to capture (tab) and try different
capture choices (arrows, space bar) until I found the correct setting.


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