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Re: Why the Widening Gender Gap in Computer Science?

Cher Christian, dear all

Christian Perrier wrote @ 26/11/08 09:53:
> Quoting Meike Reichle (meike@alphascorpii.net):
>> things to offer that others may not (I'm not talking about apple pie
>> here) also research (e.g. Relinking Life and Work by Rhona Rapoport and
>> Lotte Bailyn) shows that work/life balance measures such as flexible
>> work times don't only benefit mothers and fathers but all employees.
> In the long term, definitely. I'm personnally much more happy to allow
> the female component of my team (8 people, 1 woman...) to take some
> time off because she's been called in urgency to get her child at home
> because of illness or whatever. The same stands as well for the only
> male component who still has young children.
> In the long term, I know that this flexibility and respect for
> personal life (whatever personal life might involve....but personal
> life for many people in their 30's involve youg children, that's just
> statistical evidence...)....will bring a better work environment and,
> in some way, a better fidelity and commitment by these people.

I think in the long term all this is very true and a laudable approach.
The problem, IMHO, lies mostly in the fact that these days you often
aren't hired for life but get a contract for a couple years. This gives
the whole thing a very different drift. If I hire an employee for three
to five years I am not interested in his or her long-term wellbeing, my
horizon is X years and in that time I want to get as much productivity
out of him or her as I can. If I wear the person out, I may not even
have to suffer the consequences. This is one of the factors that make
today's working world so problematic.

> Bleh, hard to explain all this....in a written way and not in my
> day-to-day languae. Hope you'll get my point and not hate me for being
> such a stereotyped jerk. I want my spätzle....

And you shall have them! April at the latest :)

Best regards,

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