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Re: Why the Widening Gender Gap in Computer Science?

On 2008-11-25, Meike Reichle penned:
> Usually the interview will go somewhere along the lines that at some
> point the talk turns to your kids and whatever cleverly composed
> combination of day nursery, part time working husband, kindergarten and
> what else you present, it will all be canceled out by the magic
> question: "And who will stay home when it's ill?"

That shocks me.  Interviewers at my company, and every company for
which I've worked, would never discuss such a topic.  It's opening the
door for a lawsuit.  My team lead interviewed a clearly pregnant woman
and never broached the topic -- and we did hire her.

(And for that matter, it's not like children are the only reason one
might have to stay home.  What about broken pipes, appointments to fix
the cable system or network or phones, meeting with prospective
contract workers, deliveries, etc ... maybe interviewers should ask if prospective
employees live alone or with others, as more people in the house might
mean that any one person doesn't have to stay home as often.)


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