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RE: Why the Widening Gender Gap in Computer Science?

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From: Meike Reichle [mailto:meike@debian.org] 
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Subject: Re: Why the Widening Gender Gap in Computer Science?

Generally I am rather doubtful on the compatibility of family and
(FLOSS) work. I guess it's quite telling that most posts in this thread
start with "I don't have kids myself but ..." It seems there aren't that
many mothers among the Debian Women and I'd be very interested in hearing
how those D-W who do have kids manage to combine their FLOSS work with a
family. I remember some years ago at  a FLOSSPOLS meeting I was invited to
we also talked about the issue that of the tiny fraction of women in  FLOSS
only very, very few of them had kids. I think then the discussion went
roughly in the direction that  there's a difference in what is generally
accepted. Most FLOSS work is done during spare time and it is a  quite
common picture that dad comes home from hard work and goes to attend his
hobby (in that case FLOSS) and  he's to be left alone doing so because he's
had a hard day and deserves some time on his own.
 On the other hand the idea of mum coming home and disappearing in her
computer room (or whatever) after dinner  instead of playing with the kids
felt quite strange. While a working mother at least contributes to the
household income, a mother sacrificing family time in order to follow a
(technical) hobby is still rather  strange and hard to conceive.

 I'd be really interested if that is a correct estimation and how Debian
Women with children manage. Maybe any  of you could share their experiences?

 Best regards,

As I told earlier in our family I work outside of home and my husband is
stay-at-home parent. When I come home after work I study and do my
translations (at the moment I have done mostly Ubuntu translations). This
"arrangement" has work for us well, maybe it is strange when mother is not
that who spend her time with family.. But our decision based on fact that it
was to me find a job.


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