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Re: Why the Widening Gender Gap in Computer Science?


Monique Y. Mudama schrieb:

>> "And who will stay home when it's ill?"
> That shocks me.  Interviewers at my company, and every company for
> which I've worked, would never discuss such a topic.  It's opening the
> door for a lawsuit.  My team lead interviewed a clearly pregnant woman
> and never broached the topic -- and we did hire her.

I'm not sure, if that was legal question in a job interviews; IIRC there
has been a ruling by our supreme court (in the early 80s I think)
regarding a case, where a woman was asked in a job interview, if she
planed to get pregnant and said "no", became pregnant and was fired,
because she lied in the interview.   The supreme court decided, that
these kind of questions are illegal for job interviews, since they had
nothing to do with her qualifications for a job, just her personal.

So, to my understanding such a question would fall in the same category.
However, I'm pretty sure there are differences between what's legal and
what's practised :(

Best Regards,

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