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Re: new member presentation

IMO we should give this thread another name, perhaps "women and men
(former new member presentation)". ;-)

I don't think biology is the only or even the strongest determination of
human behavior, but it is a strong one. So we have to think about the
evolution of men.

I think most of the time women and men need different skills to be
successful (in an evolutionary sense). The time, in that culture makes
these skills less important, is very short. So our sex might have a
bigger influence to our behavior as we wish.

That isn't a limitation for women be successful in IT in any way.

IMO men will learn a lot, if they notice in which way women solve
problems, what's there style of coding, how they do documentation and
testing an so on.

So women and men might be different, but that is no reason keeping women
away from technical stuff and IT, but a strong reason for men learning
from women.

Excuse my poor english.

Michael, whose wife think he has no idea of women ;-)

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