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Re: Apropos of spam..

this discussion seems to be a nice opportunity to say hello and ask for help... so, well - hi.

i subscribed to the mailinglist because i was curious about the issues female developers might talk/ debate about and get myself a clearer impression of it all, but apparently it didn't work out.

therefore it's probably the best tactic to just speak up and ask directly...

i'm not much of a programmer. i recently started to translate some docs (into german) for kde (only because of a friend who does that and who helps me with all my stupid questions) and enjoy it so far, but would rather get involved with debian itself. yes, i also subscribed to the german translator list for debian, but i'm still far too shy to introduce myself there and ask for guidance.

i am willing and able to learn almost everything (as i also have a lot of free time..) but i don't know where to start and whom to speak with and in which ways i can contribute, so i'd love to be given any piece of advice. (yeah, i know, i could just read the websites to gather information, but i feel more comfortable speaking directly to people. especially women. it's stupid and a prejudice, but i'm still afraid of being laughed at [by men] for asking "dumb" questions and not knowing everything by myself.)

so it seems this list is not yet totally unnecessary,
at least not for me.

so if anyone has any idea, please let me know.


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