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Re: should these be reworded?

Lynoure Braakman said/sagte on/am 25/07/08 09:12:
> On Thu, Jul 24, 2008 at 10:17 PM, Kevin Mark <kevin.mark@verizon.net> wrote:
>> "Our priority is our users" might have originally been "Our priority is
>> our male users", not that I think Dev's did it intentionally. So any
>> attempt to add a 'wishlist' feature in a way that makes our software
>> more inclusive of 'all' of our users, sounds like a great suggestion.
> While it is nice to be able to choose the main character gender (and other
> features, as I don't identify well with thin blondes either) it seems weird
> to jump into that conclusion. I mean, books nearly never allow that choice
> at all, there is just both kind of books and no one goes "Eeek, they are
> discriminating against women by having a male protagonist".

Full ack! Although I would call myself somebody who is pretty conscious
of sexism in daily life I actually never objected to having to play a
male character in a computer game.
There *are* computer games I do object to playing at all, like that
whole "beach volleyball" stuff which is really just pathetic and some
other things that are really just brain-dead and simply not appealing to
me. But if a game is interesting  and fun to play I really don't care
what kind of character I play.

So, I guess you could send a wishlist bug or even better a patch I you
personally mind, but IMHO this is not a terribly pressing issue.

Best regards,

PS: And by the way, I'd rather play ten times Gordon Freeman than once
Lara Croft ;)

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