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Re: should these be reworded?

Quoting Kevin Mark (kevin.mark@verizon.net):
> Hi d-w list people,
> I was just reading an ITP for magicmaze. It is game with a common theme:
> warrior save girlfriend from monster. Would it be 'better' by some
> definition to make it and other such programs gender neutral? Reverse
> thw roles? Make it possible to choose the characters gender?
> Would a formalization in the dev guide or policy make sense?

While I think that gender-neutrality should be an effort (yes,
effort....see below) by everybody, I don't think that adding something
very proeminent about it in the devref or policy would lead to
anything except a nice flamewar in -devel.

If I'm correct, the only mention of gender-neutrality is DevRef about debconf templates. Guess who wrote that one? :-)

We could maybe add a similar recommendation in 6.2.3 about package
descriptions and some other about documentation. Going further and
recommend programs provided by Debian to specifically be
gender-neutral would probably cross the boundary and bring the
"political correctness" topic (IMHO, saying that something is about
P.C. is only an easy way to escape from a sensitive topic).

I strongly believe that gender neutrality should be in everybody's
mind in the day-to-day life but I don't really believe in ways to
enforce it. IMHO, the best one is by doing the effort myself (yes,
that's sometimes an effort....I have dozens of years of non
gender-neutrality to fight with). It generally works.

So, well, in the case of magicmaze, it would be good to talk with
upstream and encourage them to review this male-centric view that only
male knights can rescue princesses...:)... My "personal" female knight
at home already rescued me dozen of times in the real life for me to
know that this also can be shared.

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