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Re: Status of women in Debian

On Jan 26, 2008 9:43 AM, martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> wrote:

> in preparing my state of the project address at LCA on Monday, I'd
> like to note quickly the effects of debian-women. Can anyone hook me
> up with the number of women involved in the project, as DDs, DMs, or
> regular contributors? Or an estimate?

DDs (from newest to oldest): christine, ana, helix, mlt, marga, helen,
petra, amaya, cmc, sgk.
DMs: Miriam (hopefully DD soon).
NMs: Meike (just started), Hanna (on hold).

There are other female maintainers, but that's more difficult to keep track of.

> Is it fair to claim that women's presence in Debian is ever
> increasing, and not only in debian-women, but all over the place?

I wouldn't say so.  Our project was very successful when it was born,
but the lack of more female NM applicants shows that it's not "ever
increasing".  As ana said on IRC, there was a peak, but we are sort of
stalling now.

> I will also claim that the cowboy days are gone. I've said it before
> and I'll say it again: that's d-w's achievement.

Yes, I do agree with this.  Even if we are not so many, there are MANY
men that agree with D-W ideas, and thus helped us in changing the
"cowboy" style.


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