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Status of women in Debian

Hi there,

in preparing my state of the project address at LCA on Monday, I'd
like to note quickly the effects of debian-women. Can anyone hook me
up with the number of women involved in the project, as DDs, DMs, or
regular contributors? Or an estimate?

Is it fair to claim that women's presence in Debian is ever
increasing, and not only in debian-women, but all over the place?
I think so, but that's just my perception... I'd like the claim to
be a little more objective...

I will also claim that the cowboy days are gone. I've said it before
and I'll say it again: that's d-w's achievement.

PS: I had written "can anyone hook me up with a number of women
involved…" and then decided that this could be misunderstood. :)

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