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Re: information

Quoting ninib man (ninib_man@hotmail.fr):

> Hi,
> Happy new year,
> I'm very interested in "debian women project"; I saw by chance
> your web page when i searched if there is women interested in Linux and
> free software like me. I' m from madagascar, I use debian since 2005.
> I'm student at our "Ecole Nationale d'Informatique" (Institute national

Ring ring, knock knock.....The Debian Installer project has a pending
translation effort for Debian Installer in Malagasy. The former
translator is pretty much inactive now (he's a math student here in
France and I suspect him to be pretty busy with
studies). unfortunately, that didn't allow us to activate Malagasy in
Debian Installer for Etch

It would be nice if some other people would raise up and have a look
at this translation effort. Even nicer if that could bring some
contribution vocations in your country, indeed.

So, well, in case that raises some interest for you, just answer in
this list.

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