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DebConf7 proposal: Online course on packaging for Debian


I'm sorry for the delay, I have been doing lots of stuff lately.

In DebConf7's Debian Women BoF we decided that, instead of sending a big, huge, enormous email with everything we talked about, and instead of having the same person taking care of everything, some of us would be responsible for some different parts, and we would be sending different emails on the different topics.

Most of you might know LinuxChix [1] [2], a women-oriented Linux community, probably one of the most well known, and of the ones who best work. They have a mailing list in which they usually do some courses [3] about different stuff, related somehow to the Linux world. They have expressed their interest in having one on creating Debian packages, and we thought that it would be nice if some of us, Debian Women, could take care of us. In fact it would be a great opportunity to bring new women to Debian development, which is in fact one of the most important goals of the group.

It would probably be nice that not only one person would be teaching the course, in fact the results would be much better, and it would be best for everyone, if we did it cooperatively between more people. We have many women in the group capable of doing this really well, and maybe some of the men too (just joking! :) ). It might also be a good opportunity to learn for some of the girls and women that are reading the list and might want to learn more about it, maybe also starting to get actively involved.

The courses are always done through a mailing list, even though irc could also be used, and usually participants keep doing some tasks as the course goes on, with the feedback of the teacher/s on them. Of course, it's up to us to decide the exact format that suits us the most.

Any feedback is welcome, shyness will not be tolerated! :P


[1] http://www.linuxchix.org/
[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LinuxChix
[3] http://www.linuxchix.org/courses.html

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