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Debian-Women Bug Squashing - Update

I only got a few replies, but I guess I should still push this
forward, hopefully this will get some of the lurkers to un-lurk.

I have prepared a wikipage about this in: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianWomenBSP

For those of you that are too lazy to follow hyperlinks this is the
current text in the wiki:


We are going to have a Bug Squashing Party hosted by the DebianWomen
group.  Everyone that is interested in Bug Squashing is invited, but
we'd specially like to invite interested women that wish to help
Debian, but haven't yet dared to fix any bugs.

We will have a list of selected bugs, easy and difficult, and will
have a ranking of who fixed more bugs during the length of the BSP.
Also, we will do a bunch of 1-hour-long tutorials, that are intended
to help people fix bugs, and understand how things are done in Debian.

It will start on Friday, July 27th afternoon, going on through
Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th.

== Draft Schedule ==

* July 27 - 19:00 UTC
  Selected Bug List published. This list will be prepared using usertags.

* July 27 - 21:00 UTC
 * Tutorial: Intoduction to BSPs and Bug Fixing.
 * Given by: Margarita Manterola

* July 28 - 11:00 UTC
 * Tutorial:
 * Given by:

* July 28 - 19:00 UTC
 * Tutorial:
 * Given by:

* July 29 - 17:00 UTC
 * Tutorial:
 * Given by:

* July 29 - 22:00 UTC
  Ranking with the top bugfixers published.


As you see, we need more people to give tutorials.  As it's already
mentioned, the idea of the tutorials is that they aren't too long, and
that they give people a push so that they can fix more bugs.

Some ideas for possible tutorials:
* Very basic Debian packaging
* Building with pbuilder / cowbuilder
* How to make good NMUs
* Automake / Autoconf, common problems and how to fix them.
* Debugging a Segmentation Fault
* How to find and fix arch related bugs

I could do some of them myself, but it would be nicer if someone else
did them.  So, if you are interested in giving one of those, or
anything similar, please sign yourself up in the wiki.


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