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Re: women in IT (in AU)

> 1. I am foreigner which are not welcome in France

This is a very short summary for the feeling of the French people
towards foreign people. I'm afraid I have to strongly disagree even if
the current policy of our *current* government is not very welcoming
foerigners. That might change soon, especially if we have a woman as
president, don' you think so?

> 2. Women should stay @home and not working
>    (The french gov is working on such directive since they
>    are peoples which believe, that they are to many men in
>    France without jobs because women)

This is completely wrong when it comes at the French society and this
completely differs from my own experience.

OK, complete gender equality is definitely not achieved here, but
results are pretty correct when it comes at gender equity in the
professionnal environment in general.

And, no, even the current french government (which is far from being
progressist) is *not* working on "such directive". Where the hell did
you get this idea?

> 3. I do development with (discriminated) foreign women and
>    not with french women (hey, they are not motivated to
>    work in IT and frenchies do not want to learn english, - 

Idée reçue, sorry. Even though the French people are probably less
skilled with foreign languages than some other European people, making
such "raccourci" and generalisation is pointless. There's room for
improvment everywhere, of course, but the progress that I've seen in
the last 20 years with that matter is spectacular.

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