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more on Women in IT

Hi everyone,

Seems that my local news paper is doing a running thing about women in IT, or
maybe it's just of more interest at the moment, for some reason.  Anyway, below
[1] is the second article on such things in a couple of weeks:

If you can't read it without signing in, bugmenot [2] is your friend.

The statistics at the bottom of the article are interesting, with 53% of women
in the study reporting a culture of subtle discrimination against women in their
workplace, and 13% reporting blatant discrimination.  I guess it could be worse,
but it could clearly be a lot better.

I am also interested in the suggestion that some women feel they have to "act
masculine" to get their own way, since that is consistent with my experiences in
my workplace.  Do other people on this list have a similar experience - that you
have to be intentionally more agressive or more dominating than you would
naturally be in order to get ahead in your work?

It's nice to see that the research in the article reports that
"Although women working in high-level ICT occupations cited sexual stereotyping,
lack of equality and unapproachable managers as negative aspects of their jobs,
they said high pay, challenging work and encouragement of creativity were
positives. Most say they would strongly encourage women into ICT careers."

So go girls go!!



2. http://www.bugmenot.com/

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