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about [Promotion] Women in FLOSS day?

Hi, I had to suggested that we try to announce a common "Women in
FLOSS"-day on freedesktop promotion list, lately:

(so this is more of a copy of my original posting)

I think this could be make more vital by the groups: Ubuntu Women,
Debian Women, KDE Women, GNOME Women, Fedora Women , women@apache...

This could be a day of action and may rise much more public awareness
for both: Free/Libre Open Source as well as for Womens issues. The
problem is that women are a minority, but many women are less
minority. If they are few and if the argument like the ones on
http://live.gnome.org/GnomeWomen are the right one, that it would be
good if many women in FLOSS projects would meet to discuss and act.

And I think that this will also be to the benefit of the awareness for
a free desktop. I think free software is also emancipation! :-)


PS: Question would be where a contact point could be: I found out today
that there are no GNU Women, nor does GNU.org has a wiki, yet!? hm...

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