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Re: women in IT (in AU)

Hi Christian,

Thanks for the link (for those of us who can read it, of which I am
unfortunately not one).

Christian Perrier wrote:
> About that "women in IT" topic and for those of you who read French,
> here's an article I recently went on:
> http://silicon.fr/fr/silicon/news/2006/11/07/gartner-faut-reconna-tre-femmes
> Gartner: 'Les femmes sont plus efficaces que les hommes dans le monde
> IT'
> aka "Women are more efficient than men in the IT world"
> OK, this is Gartner talking and I guess we all have a pretty low
> opinion about these Gartner studies...but it is interesting to see
> that such ideas are floating around which, imho, is already by itself
> a progress.
> Indeed, the real content of the article is not trying to explain why
> women are (or are supposed to be) more efficient...bur more pointing
> that the ratio of women in IT is constantly decreasing and that
> companies should acknowledge that a levelled balance is one of the
> keys of success in the IT world *also*.

Did you mean that the ratio is *increasing*?  Surely that is the case, on
average (slowly, though, I guess).


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