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Re: News from Peru: LinuxChix group announced

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[ Adding Sulamita to the cc: list, she is involved with LinuxChix-BR ]

On 07/25/2006 03:41 PM, Rudy Godoy wrote:
> Hi, I'm pleased to let you know this. A group of girls, some of them
> already involved for some years on our local groups, have decided to
> gather and found linuxchix peru, they were working hard since some
> months ago and will make the official launch on september 23 (spring
> day here).
> I've met them last week and they are very enthusiastic about all of
> this. One thing they lack is contact with other chix around the world,
> so I believe it would be cool if some of the subscribers can send them
> greetings and get in touch with them, I can act as translator if needed.
> And of course feel free to forward this to all lists you think it's
> relevant.
> Here's the preliminar announce[0] from the leader[1] and a little note on
> APESOL's portal[2]. Both are in spanish though.
> 0- http://silviadeene.blogspot.com/2006/07/nace-linuxchix-per-i-parte.html
> 1- I'm CC'ing her as you may note.
> 2- http://www.apesol.org/news/239

	I'm aware of [1]LinuxChix-BR (Brasil). Maybe they could be
in touch. I could act as a translator if it is needed. :-)


	Kind regards,

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