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Re: IT screen goddesses

Erinn Clark wrote:
> Is it smashing stereotypes or promoting objectification of women?

I remember finding out about this site a long while ago and being
quite outraged. I have to agree with you here. 

The "American Beauty" picture, for example, depicts a very strange arm
position[1], there's no message at all in the face[2], just an empty
expression... which makes me think of a doll instead of a living person.
 [1] http://www.miragedesign.com.au/sg/images/c_ab.jpg
 [2] http://www.miragedesign.com.au/sg/images/sg_head_rt_gr.jpg

I fail to see how this is empowering or stereotype-smashing. I also find
the choice of this movie to be quite a poor choice.

Anyway, just my .2 cents.

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