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Need help getting started with BTS cleanup

I have been reading what I have been able to find about bug triage and I'm starting to get the picture I think. But before I dive in I have a few questions:

I have been using X-chat as my sample package, mainly because it has a manageable number of bugs and cover most of the things I'm not sure about.

1) "reportbug xchat" and http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?which=pkg&data=xchat&archive=no&version=&dist=unstable does not give the same output. I have tried to tick various filters (like exclude fixed) but it seems like the filters doesn't work. Does 'fixed' and 'archived' mean the bug is closed? (I guess it does since the don't show up in reportbug)

2) #278682 is a nice example of an old bug. I cannot reproduce with current unstable and no one has posted any follow up on it. I would greatly appreciate an example of the recomended action.

3) #199962 is hardly a bug at all and is very old. This should be closed... right?

4) A significant portion of the bugs are wishlist items. What is the recommended action for old wishlist items that's not incorporated and not commented on, for instance #225961

5) #203466 is forwarded upstream but the fwd URL is invalid. I cannot reproduce the problem in current unstable. I would close this bug..?

Sorry if some of my questions is somewhat basic, but since the whole idea is to reduce the confusion in the BTS and not add to it I want to be sure my thinking is fairly correct before I start to fire off mail left and right ;)


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