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Re: Women in FOSS at OSWC II

Hi Erinn,

<quote who="Erinn Clark">

> I know you want to focus on the positive aspects of free software and I
> commend you for that, but before making too many judgments... did this
> woman give any indication on why she felt this way? I, personally, have
> not felt the same to any great extent, though I've certainly dealt with
> my share of frustration, but I am very curious about what exactly soured
> her. There are women all over the world who get turned off in all sorts
> of areas of computing/science and while I'm not sure ranting -- which is
> what it sounds like she did -- is valuable, I think figuring out what
> caused the anger might be worthwhile. I should hope it's acceptable to
> share even negative experiences without having to feel like you need to
> baby the crowd or you might sour them.

I could be wrong, but she seemed to be an old school feminist who had been
burnt. She actually approached me after the event and chastised me for not
being more pro-women. It was a very strange conversation largely done
through a translator.

I could be slightly off with her presentation as I was listening to the
translation in english (it was given in spanish). I did confirm with a few
people though and they confirmed it was as negative as it came across in

I also had several young people, including young women approach me
afterwards really happy to hear my point of view. It made me realise how
much a negative attitude can turn young women off. I guess if the lady had
been burnt then that is sad, but you still have a choice to be positive or
negative. I've also been burnt (although not by this community, by the
Australian proporietary space) but I choose to see the opportunity in FLOSS
to make great change.
> As for the rest of your email -- good job! :)

Thanks :)


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