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[Fwd: debian women in brussels fosdem 2006?]

Hi All,

I got this email asking whether any of the women who are going to FOSDEM are
interested in going to talk about Debian Women to a group of women who are
learning computing skills and about FLOSS, in Belgium, on 24th Feb.  Hannah
Wallach talked to an audience including some of these women last year, apparently.

I guess that anyone based in Belgium or nearby could go anyway, whether they
intend to visit FOSDEM or not.

This looks like a great opportunity to reach out to some women who are
interested in learning more about the FLOSS world.  Any takers?  Please get in
touch with Lawrence Rassel <info@constantvzw.com> if so.


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Subject: debian women in brussels fosdem 2006?
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 05:28:57 -0500 (EST)
From: info@constantvzw.com
To: helen_ml_faulkner@yahoo.co.uk

Dear Helen Faulkner
my name is laurence rassel, i am working for a network of training centers
for women into technology, this network is based in belgium
the trainees are unemployed women mostly from non western origine, they
come to these centers to go back and have a job.
some of them of course can be really brillant, they develop for example a
live-cd based on knoppix with tutorials and exercises for female teachers
with only of course free softwares
As you know the Fosdem is taking place in brussels in february, all the
speakers are mostly male and with a high acamedic background, and it is
quite a closed world, last year i brought a few trainees to listen to
hannah wallach.
I don't know if i express myself clearly but my purpose is to create a
bridge between groups like yours, floss developers, and these women
interested in computers but out of these networks.
i am writing to see if some of you come to brussels for the fosdem, and
would agree to come just a bit earlier so we organise a meeting here
(http://www.interface3.be), the friday 24th afternoon.
our purpose is also to fight against the rise of microsoft which is
providing now short training for these kind of audience, it would be nice
to have a special link between our center and the debian women , i know
that some trainers here are interested to develop their debian lesssons,
but they need support and networking.
so does a debian women member would be interested to accept our invitation
for friday 24th afternoon to make a presentation of debian, of debian
women platform, of her work to our group?
thanks for reading me
looking forward to your answer
very best

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