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Re: Let's do it! Work meetings in Extremadura, Spain, during 2006

[Helen Faulkner]
> Well, for starters, maybe because too many people think that hacking
> sessions are the only way in which to work on Debian :)
> Some things that Debian Women could be more directly involved in, or
> have productive and focussed discussions about could include (I'm
> brainstorming here, please add ideas):

Good answer, good ideas.

> - producing a set of guidelines for how to get a general
> under-represented group involved in using (and contributing to?)
> Debian, or any general IT project.
> - setting up a project to provide information and support to general
> people who are interested in becoming DDs or in contributing to
> Debian in a new way (this is something that Debian Women has had a
> lot of experience at, and I believe that wider Debian could learn
> from what we have to offer in that area)

See, to me, those two count as hacking sessions.  (:

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