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Re: Let's do it! Work meetings in Extremadura, Spain, during 2006

[Helen Faulkner]
> I think that the thing that Debian Women collectively has the most
> expertise in, is community building, in the FOSS world, with a group
> that is under-represented, or that generally needs encouragement to
> try joining that world.  Women, ethnic minorities, the elderly,
> people with disabilities, people who didn't get good educational
> opportunities and non-English speakers (especially if they speak
> languages that FOSS software isn't often translated into) are some
> examples of groups that a DW-like effort could be pitched towards.  I
> think that we could have something good to say about something along
> those lines.
> Anyone else have thoughts about this?

Maybe I'm just thick but what I missed in Amaya's message, and all
followups so far, was the _point_ of your proposed miniconf.  I mean, I
suspect the people paying the bill will want to know _why_ the meeting
is taking place, in terms more specific than "community building" or
"because we're a Debian subproject".  For example, is there some
project you'd all like to work on which some in-person hacking sessions
would facilitate?  I'm sure someone can come up with something, I'm
just saying it's probably a good idea to do so _before_ asking for
hosting and travel.

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