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Re: Let's do it! Work meetings in Extremadura, Spain, during 2006

Erinn Clark wrote:
> * Amaya <amaya@debian.org> [2005:12:06 23:53 +0100]: 
>>Erinn Clark wrote:
>>>That cuts out quite a few of us...
>>Hey! Women don't ask? ;)
>>I have good contacts in the Junta. If someone !european is willing to
>>come, I am willing to use all the influence I can use. 
>>We are well ahead of time. Let's work on a working project that they
>>can't resist.
>>Let's do it!
> Well, when you put it that way... and with the content of your other
> message... Sure, why not? If they are actually banking on ~20 europeans,
> then I suppose it's doable for a few non-europeans, assuming we don't
> have 20 people needing to be flown in. Where do we sign up? :)
> It'd also be a fun way to get some local involvement and we have quite a
> few Spanish Debian Women. :)

If there is any chance of someone paying (all or at least some of) an airfare
from Australia (yep, it's a long way - you're looking at around 1200 euros), I
would be interested in this.

I think that the thing that Debian Women collectively has the most expertise in,
is community building, in the FOSS world, with a group that is
under-represented, or that generally needs encouragement to try joining that
world.  Women, ethnic minorities, the elderly, people with disabilities, people
who didn't get good educational opportunities and non-English speakers
(especially if they speak languages that FOSS software isn't often translated
into) are some examples of groups that a DW-like effort could be pitched
towards.  I think that we could have something good to say about something along
those lines.

Anyone else have thoughts about this?


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