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Re: Let's do it! Work meetings in Extremadura, Spain, during 2006

Quoting Helen Faulkner (helen@debian.org):

> who didn't get good educational opportunities and non-English speakers
> (especially if they speak languages that FOSS software isn't often translated
> into) are some examples of groups that a DW-like effort could be pitched
> towards.  I think that we could have something good to say about something along
> those lines.
> Anyone else have thoughts about this?

Except agreeing? Nothing, actually..:-)

What you mentioned above is definitely what makes Debian unique in
many ways.

We can easily take care of so-called minorities because we don't have
to care trading off with getting back any financial investment. The
language minorities are a good example, but any minority is indeed a
good example.

Our only weakness here is that we need people *in the project* who
care enough about these minorities, whichever they are, and act for
their needs:

-we needed a few people in the project who cared enough for the
 representation of women to take an action. Amaya, Erinn and the few
 others who started this D-W thing in 2004 popped up and here we are

-we needed a few people who care enough of world domination and have
 our work translated in as many languages as possible, no matter the
 language "importance". Here came the debian-i18n project and a few
 people who try to share this idea of universality.

-we need a few people who care about making FOSS and Debian accessible
 to disabled persons. debian-accessibility came up but is maybe
 currently a bit stucked because of the lack of volunteers (dunno, indeed)

So, we have a lot to say. Do we have a lot to *work on* to motivate a
meeting under the umbrella of Debian Friends and the Estremadura
initiative, that's another interesting point.

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