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Re: closure of flosspols survey on knowledge and gender

Thank you so much, Odile, for the immediate feedback. For some technical reason (certainly not your browser) the site did not work for a couple of (unfortunate) minutes. The problem is now fixed and you can fill in the questionnaire (at least with Mozilla I did not test it with IE ;) )


Odile Bénassy schrieb:

On Tue, 15 Nov 2005 12:34:49 +0100
Bernhard Krieger <blk20@cam.ac.uk> wrote:

Hello Debian Women,

A couple of months ago the universities of Maastricht and Cambridge started a survey on knowledge and gender among the free / libre / open source software participants. We have now more than 1500 participants and will close the phase of data collection by Thursday, the 17.11.2005.

There have already been many women taking part in the survey up until now and we are very grateful to them. It would be wonderful if the ones who did not yet find the time to fill in the questionnaire would consider participation. The more women taking part the more profound the statistical analysis will be. Here is the link:


does it work on Mozilla?
neither on Epiphany, nor Mozilla nor Dillo, i don't manage to reach the second page.
As I don't think they pretend to guess my age (which is actually over 18), I'm trying to suppose that only proprietary browser are allowed to enter their FS survey... am I right?
Well, more probably they are experiencing some bugs, but anyway...

The next threat I will start on that survey will be the announcement of the findings.



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