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Re: [Fwd: Computing Women Congress 2006: Second Call for Lectures]

Hi Andrea, all,

> I hope this isn't too off-topic -- here's the call for lectures for the
> Computing Women Congress, a conference for women in Information
> Technology. It will be in Hamilton, New Zealand, in the second half of
> February, 2006. More information is in the forwarded email, so I won't
> write much more of that here ;) 

Not too offtopic, I think.  I imagine that some on this list would be
interested.  Maybe if a few people are going, you could arrange to meet up and
have a little "Debian Women meet" during the conference...

> This is my first post to debian-women btw, so hello! I'm from
> Germany and just about to finish my Master's (well, "Diplom") in
> computer science. I've started to use Linux (starting with Mandrake,
> moved over to Debian, lately a bit of Ubuntu) some five years ago.

Welcome!  It's great to see new people posting, especially when they are women
with a real interest in Debian.  We certainly hope you will benefit from your
involvement in the DW project.


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