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[Fwd: Computing Women Congress 2006: Second Call for Lectures]

Hi all,

I hope this isn't too off-topic -- here's the call for lectures for the
Computing Women Congress, a conference for women in Information
Technology. It will be in Hamilton, New Zealand, in the second half of
February, 2006. More information is in the forwarded email, so I won't
write much more of that here ;) 

I've helped organise and given a course in this year's CWC, which was
the first one ever. I already knew the concept from a similar German
summer university, the informatica feminale. Just like the informatica
feminale, the CWC was a lot of fun and a great opportunity to meet lots
of interesting women! I'll definitely be going to the 2006 one.

This is my first post to debian-women btw, so hello! I'm from
Germany and just about to finish my Master's (well, "Diplom") in
computer science. I've started to use Linux (starting with Mandrake,
moved over to Debian, lately a bit of Ubuntu) some five years ago.


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Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to participate as a presenter and/or
attendee at the second Computing Women Congress (CWC) in February 2006
at the University of Waikato, New Zealand. The CWC is a conference for
female students, academic and professional staff who study or work in
Information Technology. Presentations will range from shorter seminars
to extended courses, covering the whole spectrum of computer science and
also IT-related gender research.

Moreover, if you know of anyone who would be interested in participating
in CWC, either as a presenter or an attendee, please forward them this
email. Even if you are not able to attend, we would value your support
in helping us raise awareness of the CWC.

The Computing Women Congress is the Pan-Pacific congress for women in
IT; we welcome submissions from around the world, but primarily focus on
those from the Pan-Pacific region. The congress aims to provide role
models for those early in their computing careers and also a meeting
place for those well into their careers. We welcome female students at
undergraduate and graduate level, and professionals from academic,
scientific or commercial backgrounds. Participants may stay for a single
day only or for a few days up to the whole week.
CWC provides an arena to learn about and share the latest ideas of
computing related topics in a supportive environment. CWC provides an
open, explorative learning and teaching environment. Experimentation
with new styles of learning is encouraged, with an emphasis on hands-on
experience and engaging participatory techniques. Each day of the CWC
will offer a number of individual courses followed by a keynote
presentation in the evening.

Dates and Location:
CWC will run from 11th-19th February 2006, at the University of Waikato,
Hamilton, New Zealand. Hamilton is central to many of the main places of
interest on North Island - mountains, geysers and beaches. The
University of Waikato has a pleasant, green campus environment and is
the hub of New Zealand’s international internet connection.

Note that the deadline for the call for lectures is the 26th September.

Important Dates for CWC 2006:
26 September 2005 	submission of course offers
30 September 2005 	preliminary program
3 October 2005 		final program available
October 2005 		call for participation
early November 2005 	early bird registration deadline
end November 2005 	registration deadline
December 2005 	assignments of participants to courses
11. - 19. February 2006 Computing Women Congress

Further details about CWC and the call-for-lectures can be found online
at www.cwc.org.nz

Thank you,

Annika Hinze
for the Computing Women Congress
Department of Computer Science
University of Waikato

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