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Re: Software Freedom Day -- 2 DAYS TO GO!

Hi All,

In two days we will have just started our SFD activities!

I promised details of the #debian-women-new channel and how to join it, for
those unused to IRC, so here we go:

Channel Aims and Atmosphere

#debian-women-new is a channel for newcomers to Debian Women and/or IRC to join
and say hello in the knowledge that they will get a friendly response and that
nobody will mind if they are unsure of themselves with IRC technology.  It will
be a good place to ask questions about the Debian Women project, if you are
curious.  It will be civilised and friendly.  Disruptive behaviour will not be
tolerated, so please be nice :)  It will give you a chance to meet some of the
Debian Women regulars, including some Debian Developers.  We are hoping that
some of the newcomers joining the channel will go on to become more involved in
Debian in the future, but of course it's fine if that is not your intention.
We'd like you to drop in and say hello anyway.

Channel location and times

#debian-women-new will be running on the irc.oftc.net [1] network from 0000 to
2359 GMT on the 10th.  That is, for 24 hours starting from

5pm Friday in LA
7pm Friday in Mexico City
8pm Friday in New York
1am Saturday in London
2am Saturday in Madrid
5am Saturday in Lahore
8am Saturday in Singapore
10am Saturday in Sydney

and that's enough timezones for me :)  If I missed your timezone and you aren't
sure, you can use the worldclock converter to find out [2]

1.  http://www.oftc.net/
2.  http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

How to join the channel:


install irssi (for Debian:  "apt-get install irssi")
use the following commands:
1.   irssi
(irssi will start)
2.   /server irc.oftc.net
(irssi will connect to the oftc server)
3.   /nick myfavouritenick
(your nick is the name you are known by on irc.  Choose one that appeals to you.
 If it is already taken, try a variation.)
4.   /join #debian-women-new
(you will see the channel topic and the list of people who are already there)
5.   Say something: type in the irssi entry line down the bottom and hit return
to post that comment to the channel.

6.  When you have finished, quit irssi:

Don't forget the "#" in the channel name and the "/" with *no spaces* at the
start of the irssi command lines.


Use konversation, ksirc or another.


Use xchat or another.


Install icechat [3] or another


I don't know offhand - please ask if you want help and I'll find out.

If anyone needs detailed instructions for any of these clients, please reply
(preferably to the list, so others can see your question) and someone will post
the instructions in reply.  Please don't hesitate to ask about this stuff if you
are not sure.

3. http://www.icechat.net/

Useful websites:


If anyone has any questions about this, please ask.  We are hoping to see lots
of new faces (and some old ones) in #debian-women-new on Saturday.


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