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Re: Software Freedom Day -- ONE WEEK TO GO!

Christian Perrier wrote:
>>>- A Debian Women welcome day/channel
>>>  This will primarily be intended for people who are new to Debian,
>>>  Debian Women, and/or IRC and want to meet some people or get a feel
>>>  for what the members are like. Helen Faulkner has volunteered to take
>>>  care of this and she'll be needing volunteers -- primarily people who
>>>  are willing and able to be very welcoming to newcomers and show them
>>>  the ropes, so to speak.
> Here's one volunteer, Helen (unless you feel that women are to be
> preferred...which could be understandable).

Thanks Christian!  I am hoping for a mix of men and women to be there, as is
normal for #debian-women.

> Something's not clear: is this welcome channel intended to be
> temporary during the event, or more permanent.

It's intended to be temporary.  If it works, I guess we could consider making it
more permanent.  But that might be harder, because something like this really
needs people to be paying it close attention all the time, so I'm not sure how
long we could keep that up for.

What do people think about the idea of a more permanent channel for newcomers to
Debian Women or IRC?


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