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DW and LinuxChix (was: Re: Welcome to DW)

* Miriam Ruiz <little_miry@yahoo.es> [2005:08:17 18:46 +0200]: 
>  --- Patty Langasek <harmoney@dodds.net> escribió:
> > Huh. That's funny. The last person from LinuxChix that I remember being
> > around was quite rude, belligerent, intolerant and completely and totally
> > insensitive to people when a disagreement was brought to light. She was
> > quite possibly one of the loudest and flamiest people that have been /on/
> > this list since it started.
> > 
> > I think, perhaps, the overall "tone" of any group, then, must be in the
> > "ear" of the beholder, because *I* was personally soured on LinuxChix thanks
> > to that one person, just as you've been soured on Debian-Women thanks to
> > this one thread.
> I've been a member of LinuxChix lists for some time (I joined them even before
> I've heard of D-W) and I've often found a very polite and friendly environment
> there. I do not write a lot there anyway, but I think it's a great group :)

I'm not sure that a LinuxChix vs. DW conversation is entirely
productive. There's not a huge overlap between the two groups in terms
of membership (AFAIK) and while I won't claim the purposes of the groups
are mutually exclusive, they do differ a great deal. It's entirely
possible or likely that people who desire a community like LinuxChix
will not feel DW is appropriate for them and vice versa. I don't think
anyone should be terribly bothered by this either -- I know that often
in groups like this, it seems like a terrible loss if even one woman
wants to leave since we're so focused on getting more women involved and
as a result, every conflicting discussion seems way scarier than any of
the subject matter it touches, but seriously. It's not the end of the

It's also terribly unfair to judge an entire group of people by
experiences with one person -- given the size of LinuxChix and the
massive variation of conversation topics on their many lists, not to
mention the amount of people who contribute to them, no real conclusions
can be drawn about their environment. It varies way too much. 

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