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Re: Some thoughts regarding DW

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Hi, Hanna, everyone

I have been keeping quiet on this topic so far, because I've been a
little worried that my contribution to it would be perhaps coming from a
slightly unfair, or too harsh standpoint, but after this email from
Hanna I had to jump in:

on 15/8/05 10:58 AM Hanna M. Wallach said the following:
| To summarise: Debian Women is about integration; let's not forget it.

I absolutely agree, one hundred million percent.

I think d-w has done a GREAT job making debian a better place, and
everyone involved should feel extremely pleased with themselves.

I also think that the +ve changes that d-w has made are generally not
specific to WOMEN, d-w has made debian a much better place to be for

But! I worry that the point has been missed, as Hanna said. d-w (and
again, this is MHO, which probably doesn't stand for much as I'm
generally a lurker) should be about people getting involved with debian,
and perhaps a stepping stone for that ultimate goal of integration. Not
to be place where people are forever sheltered.

I'm not trying to cite any particular examples, I don't have any ready
to mind, but the overall atmosphere seems slightly worrying to me.  I
don't want d-w to be a seperatist place.    In particular,

| I (and many others) believe that making
| things easier for women, in the sense of lowering standards is
| entirely unconstructive and detrimental.

+1 hundred million here too.   I would hate to think that d-w creates an
atmosphere that encourages people to lower the standard for us lowly
women. That seems undeniably counter productive.

I hope this doesn't offend anyone or sound harsh or uncaring, but I had
to add my +1 to Hanna's point.

- - Penny
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