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Planning (was: Re: DW (was: Re: [gnome-women] Getting a Web Site Up & Logo Contest status)

On 13/08/2005, at 8:48 AM, Erinn Clark wrote:

I mean, is this an issue of empowerment (or lack thereof)? I have no
idea how to empower someone who's afraid to take the first step except
to tell them not to be afraid. I don't even know how many people are

Encouraging people is useful. As long as _anyone_ is listening, you're probably being heard. I certainly feel more encouraged now: more positive suggestions, more willingness to listen. That's great.

Let's build on it.

I agree that lack of actual effort can be a problem, but planning, and thus focussing what effort we have available, can have very useful spin-off effects. It's a matter of working out where the available effort can be most effective.

I'd like to work on making people more aware of our current information. When people join the list, do they receive the standard Welcome to D-W list mail? (Sorry, can't remember.) If so, would it be difficult to include a link to each of the main site and the wiki, and an encouraging message similar to:
Welcome to Debian-Women! (brief statement of aims) We look forward to seeing a post from you on the list, maybe a question, or sharing some experience, or simply saying Hi and introducing yourself. Please do. :) As to questions, we have some really useful information (here: main site) and (here: wiki) which can save you time and effort. Enjoy!

or whatever people think appropriate.

To go with that, I think a link on the front page of both the main site and the wiki called "New to D-W?" would be useful. It could link to a page which summarizes the available information, a summary page of links to helpful stuff. It's a bit of a time-saver, and does draw people in.

We do have some good information, and I'd like to publicize it more in this way, and perhaps in others, although just about everybody here knows more about working with the media than I do, so I'll bow out of that one. ;) I have a fatal tendency to say what I think, which has led to some very entertaining media events (in my opinion, and in that of the media, perhaps not in that of certain institutions ;) ) over the years.

I'm going to try to get together a summary of suggestions currently, and match that with the TODO list, and perhaps we can decide where to go from there, and plan some goals.

Does that sound useful?

from Clytie (vi-VN, Vietnamese free-software translation team / nhóm Việt hóa phần mềm tự do)

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