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Re: Another story about OSCON Women in Open Source panel

You also have to love a professional writer that produced a
dizzying opening 1-sentence paragraph like this: "Open
source advocates have turned their minds to tackling another
problem with proprietary software development: women."


	Bart Massey

In message <FDA120B4-F81E-4096-A928-7B1AD5E7C9CB@gmail.com> you wrote:
> An interested member of Apache, Brian Fitzpatrick, sent me a  
> reference to another (mostly better) story about the OSCON panel...
> "And here's one from TechWorld:
> http://www.techworld.com/applications/news/index.cfm?NewsID=4182
> Although I find the title "Geeks Want Women" rather off-putting."
> Danese
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