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Re: Another "Women in Open Source" Session

* Danese Cooper <danese@gmail.com> [2005:08:07 15:47 -0700]: 
> It went pretty well :-).  Room was full of supporters.  I plugged the  
> success of Debian-Women a bit, so we might expect to see more  
> newbies.  At the end one of the panelists proposed a general  
> discussion list about Women in Open Source and we asked for a show of  
> hands and saw 100% interest (about 200 people, including Larry Wall  
> and other prominent FOSS leaders).  Still working out the best place  
> to host it, but we have an offer from OSI (which would be called  
> women@opensource.org).  They did an audio recording of it  
> (videographers not available) so we'll have that to offer DW for its  
> collection :-).

Hi Danese,

Could you explain what you meant in this comment:

"It's the classic, 'Are we going to talk about the relationship again?'"
Cooper said in response to an audience question, prompting laughter and
applause. "That's what Debian Women is about -- can we figure out a way
to talk?"

It's not really clear to me what that means and I'm not sure that the
last bit is actually consistent with DW's goals, so any clarification
would be much appreciated.

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