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Re: Another "Women in Open Source" Session

Gustavo Noronha Silva wrote:

Em Sex, 2005-08-12 às 18:20 +0200, Jutta Wrage escreveu:
Am 12.08.2005 um 13:56 schrieb Gustavo Noronha Silva:

and witnessed some negative reaction to this study on the local
linuxchix group.
Did they think, the number was wrong? Or what was the negative reaction about?

Basicaly, some people did not like the fact that many women who are on,
for example, Linuxchix groups, were disconsidered.
Which research were they talking about? And what do they mean with ´disconsider´? I can only talk for the FLOSS surveys and hereby the questionnaires were public. Announcements were on many large websides (slashdot, linuxworld, linuxfr, etc.)

I argued that the research was probably focused on people who do code,
disconsidering system administrators and the general user population
which indeed seems to have bigger share.
True, in 2002 there were mainly quesitons concerning software development. Yet in the FLOSSPOLS survey we are looking at free software participants with all kind of activities, including coding, documenting, translating, organising conferences, engaging in political activities, etc. We particularly ask for the type of activities people are into because we are aware that free software is more than coding. Have a look. The survey is still running so you can also fill it in.


Just wanted to take a look at the researches to confirm that theory.
You can ask me any time directly and also forward my address to people who have questions about the surveys.


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