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Re: adding gender field on debian developer's database (from debian-devel)

Am 2005-08-03 16:33:20, schrieb Clytie Siddall:
> On 03/08/2005, at 3:10 AM, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> >Sorry for my useless posting, but "H" or "F" is a joke for me...
> >Because I am hermaphrodite/intersexual which should be "I" like
> >in my Iranien passport (byside an explanation what it is).
> Michelle, this is very far from a useless posting: thankyou for doing  
> it. You've shown how limited our endless human attempts to classify  
> things are: inorganic or organic, plant or animal, all the way to  
> male or female, hetero or gay, fair or dark, sick or well, smart or  
> dumb, all these artificial straight lines are in fact fuzzy!


I think, you should know, that I am origin persian and I have written
a longe letter to Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei (you can find him
here: <http://www.khamenei.ir/>) and ask him what to do.  :-)

From the muslim religious side it was very clear.

I have the right to be "intersexuel" and not only "F" or "H".

Now I must find money to go to Paris to the Iranien Consulat to get
my iranien ID back after 34 years.

> It's time we stopped trying to classify life so much, imposing our  
> own structures on it, and started accepting the way it is. You as a  


If I have my Iranien ID back, I will go to the "Droit de l'home" in
Strasbourg.  OK, there is already a group in Berin which do something,
but had never answered to my Requests...  So I do it alone!

> person, as a participant, should be welcome and appreciated for your  
> similarities and for your differences, for yourself as a unique entity.
> I hate to think how much misunderstanding and prejudice you must have  
> encountered. :(  It's time humanity grew up.


This is why I am very open.  Whenever someone look at me weird, I ask
him/her why ? - Then I talk with them and explain why I live...

I am clearly NO female and NO male!

        I am hermaphrodit/intersesuel.

Oh yes, I love my Names:        Tamay Michelle Samira Samir


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