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English translators (was: Re: A list for D-W translators)

> I am not a translator.  But I am interested in what translating work is going on

Actually, you could be, Helen...:-)

Debian is desperately missing translators for the English language. I
mean people able to read/write really perfect English and thus correct
all English documents and software we have all around to use correct

This effort has been made for the installer by using "internal"
resources, ie the native English speakers in the team, to get good
quality English all over the installation software and manual.

However, many software-related things still need review and criticism
for better quality English and more general style consistency (which
matters way much more than usually perceived).

So, yes, even people with only English as spoken language can actually
be "translators".

Yet another possible d-w project, by the way : revive the
debian-l10n-english mailing list. I know that Branden is still very
positive about such efforts and, afaik, he is one of the last active
people over there.

There are many native English speakers in the Debian-women
project. Those of you interested could probably just subscribe to
-l10n-english and try to put some push over there....

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