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Re: Another "Women in Open Source" Session

Dear all,

Certainly I would want to have a tape run as well. Though we will have to make sure that all of the other speakers are fine with that, too.


Danese Cooper wrote:

I will definitely ask whether I can get a video.  Usually they only
tape the "popular" sessions...we'll have to see if they can be
convinced :-).  Since they *asked* for the session, perhaps won't be
too hard.


On 7/21/05, Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:
Will the panel be recorded and, if so, will the recordings made
publically available? I'm not sure how many Debian Women members will
be at OSCON (not least because of the rather prohibitive registration
Maybe Steve as this seems to happen in his place...but of course
prohibitive registration costs may be an obstacle.

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