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Re: Another "Women in Open Source" Session

Hi Danese!

Welcome to the list!

> This panel introduces you to five women who are working on the front
> lines of the open source movement. Take this opportunity to learn
> about the issues they encounter in the open source community.

Thanks for letting Debian Women know about the OSCON panel. It sounds
like it's going to be great! 

Will the panel be recorded and, if so, will the recordings made
publically available? I'm not sure how many Debian Women members will
be at OSCON (not least because of the rather prohibitive registration
cost), but I would certainly love to see what's discussed and I'm sure
that holds for others on this list too.


hanna m. wallach
blog: http://join-the-dots.org/
work: http://www.inference.phy.cam.ac.uk/hmw26/

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