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Various things

OK, so I have a few things on my mind. At the forefront is the mentoring
program, but there are others we need to work on as well.


So basically, we have a lot of mentors and not many mentees. This isn't
a problem, necessarily, but one thing mentioned during the Q&A at the
Debconf5 talk Magni and I gave was that it's interesting that we have a
surplus of mentors whereas NM tends to not have enough AMs. Is there
anything we should be doing to rectify this situation? Some of our
mentors are not DDs, so that could account for part of the problem, but
I also think that some of them /are/ DDs and are also not AMs. Should we
try to get this kind of mentoring integrated with NM? Or elsewhere? Or
maybe just not bother and let it keep going as is?


The ever present issue of the website. We will likely be getting
women.debian.org soon, which means the website will relocate. Helen will
likely take care of any minor maintenance we have and we will have to
reconsider our approach about how we work on the website. It will pretty
much all have to be done locally with baz access so we can commit
changes, but I'm wondering if we should also have a more "Debian feel"
to the appearance. Opinions? Also, to anyone who was part of the Debian
website discussion, will there be major stylistic changes that we should
take into account or wait to learn more about before we make any changes


There will hopefully be a wiki.debian.org soon, in which case the wiki
can be done properly. It may make sense for us to participate in a
content-porting session as well as migrating whatever content we have on
our current wiki to the new one. We still definitely need to find a way
to integrate all of our kickass docs.


Amaya adopted the 'base' pseudopackage in the name of DW, so we need to
figure out how we want to deal with that. I think Pascal Hakim is
working on creating a teams.debian.org for mailing lists, so ideally we
could have something there, or maybe a normal lists.d.o mailing list. I
don't think we want to have debian-women@lists.d.o as the maintainer
email address. Amaya, can you comment more on this? Or anyone else?

This is all I can think of for now, but I suspect I'm leaving stuff

off the chain like a rebellious guanine nucleotide

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