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Re: Thank you for the software

also sprach martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> [2005.06.19.1242 +0200]:
> > IMO, it would've been absolutely sufficient for him to post just
> > the link, without the leading blurb...
> wtf?

Ha, what a dork. I thought Almut referred to his announcement of
contributions with "blurb". Obviously, the three leading paragraphs
of the original mail were -- well, no need to comment actually.

If you look over the list of software Mitch has produced, I am sure
you will agree that with the smallest of small exceptions, the world
would not miss anything had he not written it. Except for the true
gems like https://cat2.dynu.ca/cat2/arraycycle.txt, which should be
archived in the "Perfect examples of how to do something wrong"
section. And https://cat2.dynu.ca/cat2/media.html also suggests
a very limited mindset.

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