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Death To women's Rights (I am an male free software developer and I despise women's rights and your group).

Dear Debian women;

   It is with great esteem and supreme pleasure that I
am here tonight to inform you that I hate you, your
guts, and every female on earth who shares the desire
to rebel against men, to disrespect men, and/or to
take the creations of men and claim them as the
creation of women or a joint creation of man and

   From this high vantage point it seems that whenever
men make something great, after a time, worthless
pro-women's rights females come to latch on to that
creation and claim it as a triumph of womankind. These
whores (an assumption, yes, though I doubt any of you
were virgin wives, if wives at all) cannot allow man
to stand alone in his technical abilities above
females, females who are used to having everything
handed to them due to their "angelic" sex. Now we have
debian-women, a feminist group that has latched on to
debian by virtue of men's guilt for not failing to
achive as woman has failed to achieve (or perhaps men
not giving a damn either way, and humoring you with a
mailing list) and demands that debian take on usless
husks to even out it's male to female developer ratio.

You disrespect men who are opensource/freesoftware
developers such as I by comparing your worthless
selves to us, the true achivers. You moan and drop
loads of feces, we churn out code. With this in mind I
cordially invite you to have an auto accident. I hope
it does not kill you, but instead rips your digits
off, aswell as cause you to be blind. If this does
happen, and I wish such to come to pass, I will visit
and smile.

My gpl'd and bsd'd contributions to the
opensource/freesoftware movement can be found here:

Death To women's Rights
Death To women's Liberties
Death To women's Freedoms


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